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20 Cute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For 2021


Valentine Pick #1: Funny V-day T-Shirts

Give them the gift of humor to add a smile this Valentine's.  There are so many cute, funny and sarcastic t-shirts for valentines day.  Why not throw a sarcastic yet loving v-day shirt in the gift mix.  Everyone loves humor and humor always lightens the mood!  See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #2: A Rose Bear

If they love flowers and bears, this gift is a perfect way to say I love you with a bouguet of roses shaped into a cute cuddle bear. See Gift Idea

Valentine Pick #3: Personalized Love Blanket

Yes, personalized items will always be popular for Valentine's Day gifts.  They say I love you on that personal level that only you two can understand.  This blanket is a perfect gift for v-day with style and lots of cuteness. See Gift Idea

Valentine Pick #4: Creative Explosion Gift Box

Give them an explosion of love with personal messages, roses and photograph's that will explode their love for you when they open it. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #5: Unique Gift Baskets

Not all love modern day valentine's gifts, so give them a gift of vintage or unique gift basket's to spark their love. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #6: Etched Engraved Photo Heart Frame

What better way to say, "I love you", then with an engraved photo of you two love birds in a heart shaped frame. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #7: Rainbow Roses

This is perfect for someone who has an artsy taste or just loves rainbows.  These flowers are both unique and beautiful. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #8: 3D Printed Moon Lamp

This 3D moon lamp really is a great valentine's gift idea with it's bright shining glow that display's both love and personalization in a beautiful way. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #9: Funny Emoji Bouquet

Ok, so another funny Valentine's idea for the one who does not love roses.  Humor can go a long way as well as put that smile back on your valentine's face if needed. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #10: Cute Gift Baskets

Another gift basket idea for the sophisticated or classy women.  Honestly, do you know any women that would not love a nice bath and body type gift basket with pink valentine's colors? See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #11: Engraved Music Box

A great gift idea for a music lover for valentine's day.  This box allows you to engrave a personal message with a song, while also having use for storage. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #12: Heart Box With Nano Necklace

This heart-shaped gift has many unique idea's with a rose compartment, jewelry compartment as well as a special nano necklace that say's, "I love you" in many different languages. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #13: Personalized Music Frame

Another personalized frame idea where you can actually play them a tune they love as a special valentine's day love message. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #14: Couple Tumbler Set

This tumbler set is perfect for setting the mood with humor and love all in one message.  This would be great for a valentine that loves fishing. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #15: Monkey Gift Basket

Animal lovers will love this cute gift basket full of goodies.  The colors are perfect for that someone special on valentine's and the monkey adds an extra hug for cuteness. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #16: Galaxy Rose

Some girls or guys just love glowing things.  This is a perfect way to express your love for the one's who love lights and pretty things. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #17: Nano Necklace & Earring Set

Another nano necklace, but this one comes with earrings in red and gold colors.  Say, "I love you" in many different languages. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #18: Personal Love Book

For the reader valentine.  Does your valentine love to read, then get them this personalized love book to express your love with a message. See Gift Idea

Valentine Pick #19: LED Soap Roses

There are some DIY and crafter valentine's that would appreciate this LED soap as a bed of roses.  This display of soap as roses is perfect with that cute LED touch. See Gift Idea


Valentine Pick #20: Love Soap Roses

Last but not least, another soap displayed as roses to say, "Love" for that special valentines in your life.  Not only is it beautiful, but useful. See Gift Idea

There you have it folks, 20 very cute valentine's idea's for 2021 that will put a smile on your lover's face.  They deserve it and hopefully you will be richly rewarded for giving it!

Author: Pictabay

Top 15 Men Hairstyle’s To Make You Drool

Hairstyle #1: The Man Bun

This updo man's style is so cute and say's man cave style. This style is probably the hardest to manage, but very cute on any man. Women can't get enough of this style. Think Bam Bam! What girl does not drool over a man bun?

Hairstyle #2: The Spiked

The long spiked look keeps it long on top and spiked straight up. I think this style can help if you have thin hair and your just not sure how to style it. You can also make this shorter with a tapered fade. Either way, spiked hair is still a super hot look.

Hairstyle #3: The Slicked Back High Fade

I think this slicked back look can work for most guys and the fade can be high or low to work with it. It may be a little hard to manage if you have to bend over a lot. Possibly a lot of hair spray.

Hairstyle #4: The Textured Top

Textured hair on top is always in and very cute on the right type of hair. This look works better with guys with thick wavy hair on top, rather than really thin hair types.

Hairstyle #5: The Really Short Top

A cute short style with an added beard is always in style for men's hair. This works if you have really thin hair or even thick hair. Great for the outdoor man.

Hairstyle #6: The Curly Top

This curly top look is great for thick and curls on a guy. We love a guy with curls on top. It say's, "Let's Cuddle" and who can turn down that cuteness!

Hairstyle #7: The Business Style

This business man hairstyle is clean on top and clean on the sides. No fades or buzz cuts for the business minded man. He means business with his clean cut style!

Hairstyle #8: The Parted Fade

There is a lot of these parted styles going around these day's with the faded sides and back. It can be high top or low top hair styles and is cute with a goatee. Let's not make the top too high now guys, or you may have head's turning for another reason.

Hairstyle #9: The Brushed Back

The brushed back look is good for semi-long hair and say's I am sophisticated. It works best with medium hair types.  Too thin or thick of hair can make this style feel a bit glued down with hardly any hair, or too much hair.

Hairstyle #10: The Long On Top

This style has long hair brushed back or can go in a half ponytail. It is very cute, but possibly hard to manage if you don't put it in a ponytail.

Hairstyle #11: The Square Top

The square top look say's I am a serious man and clean cut. The Type-A male personalities tend to love this look. Everything must be organized and perfect, including their hair.

Hairstyle #12: The Faux Hawk

This faux hawk look is very popular even still today. It say's I am clean cut with a bit of fun to it. This look is cute on almost every guy that tries it. You can't go wrong with this look!

Hairstyle #13: The French Crop

This french crop look say's wild or dominant male type in my personal opinion. It is cute with a tapered faded look high or low on sides and back.

Hairstyle #14: The Comb Over 

The comb over with faded sides look is a big hit with most men, but is it woman's favorite? I think with the right hair type it can work with most men, but again watch the length on top.  Let's not fly away!

Hairstyle #15: The Messy Top

The messy top look is a favorite and popular among the young crowds. It say's fun and cute personality type. Another cuddle you to pieces look.  These men are good with relationships as this style suggest a bit of a romantic.  Maybe too good?

There you have it folks - 15 Men Hairstyles To Drool Over.  Comment and share your opinion on your favorite below.

Author: Anonymous

10 Human Medication’s That Affect Animal’s Health

10 Human Medication’s That Affect Animal’s Health

When our pets are sick, the only thing we want is to provide them with quick relief, which is why we sometimes give them drugs for humans. However, you should know that the metabolism of dogs and cats does not work the same as ours and that the products that can do us good may cause them serious problems. For this reason, it is always advisable to consult a veterinarian before having them take any substance.

Here are ten reactions from various human medications that can cause harm to our four-legged friends if we give it to them or they accidentally ingest them.

1. Paracetamol

This medication helps reduce fever in people and effectively relieve pain. But when it comes to dogs and cats, it's a different story. In the case of cats, it reduces their ability to carry oxygen in the blood, in addition to causing severe damage to the liver, making them sad, and changing the color of their gums. On the other hand, a study in Kansas found that dogs can suffer from liver damage if they consume this drug in large quantities relative to their weight.

2. Pseudoephedrine

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( ASPCA ), this drug (which acts as a decongestant in humans) can also be given to rodents, cats and dogs. However, if it is not administered at the right dose depending on the size and weight of the animal, it can cause agitation, hyperactivity and tachycardia 15 to 30 minutes after ingestion, dogs being the more sensitive to the effects of the drug. If used for long periods, it can cause decomposition in muscle tissue.

3. Diazepam

In some cases, like human treatments, veterinarians prescribe this medication to their four-legged patients to treat anxiety and epilepsy. However, it has been shown that its prolonged use mainly affects the liver of cats. Dogs can also suffer damage, albeit more moderate.

4. Methylphenidate

The Department of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Illinois conducted a study to determine the level of toxicity of this drug in dogs, discovering that at high doses, it can cause hyperactivity, tachycardia, vomiting and even the death. It has also been found that this drug (used to stimulate concentration) can cause an increase in respiratory rate and hypertension in cats. However, the symptoms seem to disappear 25 hours after ingestion.

5. Beta-blockers

The toxicity of these drugs varies from moderate to severe, depending on the dose. Beta-blockers are used to treat heart problems such as arrhythmias and to regulate the blood pressure of dogs, cats, and humans. However, if more drugs are given than prescribed, it can slow heart rate, cause kidney damage (if used in the long term), and even death.

6. Metformin

This compound is prescribed to human patients with diseases such as type 2 diabetes. In a study conducted by the Animal Poisoning Control Center, the drug was administered to dogs and cats with the same disease dogs are generally more affected than cats. In both cases, after ingestion of an excessive dose, severe vomiting and diarrhea occurred, an effect similar to that in humans.

7. Salbutamol

To treat asthma, salbutamol can be useful in animals and humans. While some of our pets may be seduced by the colors and the particular shape of the inhalers, accidentally biting or ingesting them may cause punctures and poisoning by chemicals inside the container. Dogs and cats may experience hypotension, tachycardia, vomiting, potassium deficiency, and severe arrhythmias if the dose indicated by the physician is exceeded.

8. Contraceptives

Birth control in dogs and cats has led some owners to consider the possibility of treating them with human contraception to prevent sterilization. The problem of this method, which seeks not to be invasive for animals, is that it causes in females alopecia, alterations of the mammary glands, acne and pyometra, an accumulation of secretions in the uterus which can be fatal if it is not discovered in time.

9. Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs

The Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of North Carolina has studied the most common analgesics applied to dogs and cats and has shown that nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause problems such as kidney damage, bleeding disorders and gastrointestinal issues. However, these effects are reduced in animals that are well hydrated and have no pre-existing diseases, such as obesity.

10. Ibuprofen

This compound has become very popular for fighting short-term or long-term pain in human patients with arthritis and other chronic diseases. Its use in dogs and cats has also become common, but this drug can cause poisoning in both species by a wrong dosage, especially when pets are playful and mistakenly take pills to play with. Ingestion may cause kidney and liver damage.

Author: Anonymous

Solar Power Off-Grid Living Hacks

Solar Power Off-Grid Living Hacks

We all need power in our homes. This is the reason why most
homeowners have connected their homes to the national grid. Most homeowners have bought appliances that require electricity. This has made the demand for electricity to be on the rise. In addition, there are many other activities that require electricity in order to be done. This has made many homeowners to appreciate the need to install electricity in their home. However, this electricity can make you to dig deeper into your pocket. It is important that you minimize this cost by relying on solar power in order to generate electricity. Solar power is a good alternative energy that can make you reduce your energy bills and even enjoy more convenience at home. In this case, you can install a solar panel in your home.

There are some tips that can help you to get the most out of your solar power system. These include:

1. Buy a high quality solar panel.

There are many solar panels being sold out there. Some of these panels are not of high quality. You might not be able to get the value for your money. You might actually buy a solar panel out there only to discover that is not very effective. This can actually frustrate you. You should
therefore seek for recommendations from relatives and even friends. You can also
seek professional advice from solar panel specialists so that you can know the one that fits for your home. This can help you get the most out of your solar panel.

2. Check the direction of the sun.

Your solar panels should face the sun for longer hours. In this case, you should check the direction of the sunrise and make them face that direction. Your solar panel should face the sun for longer periods so that you can be able to harness more solar energy. You can then store this energy in a good battery and use it later in the day.

3. Run your appliances when the sun is shining.

You might have a washing machine, dishwasher and even an air conditioner at home. These appliances can make life more comfortable. You also likely to enjoy more convenience in the long run. It is advisable that you use these appliances during the day when the sun is shining. You can trust that they will perform more optimally compared to when the sun is not shining.

4. Stagger your consumption.

You should run all the appliances at the same time. You should stagger the electricity consumption of these appliances so that you can get the best results. If you choose to use your dishwasher, your water heater should be off. Once you are done using the dishwasher, you can then use another appliance up to a particular time. This can enable your appliances to remain optimal when relying on solar power energy.

5. Hire a professional to maintain and check solar panel issues.

Your solar panel might develop issues from time to time. You should not deal with these issues on your own. You should hire an expert to help you. You can trust that this specialist will check these issues and fix them for you more professionally.

Consider the above-mentioned off-grid living hacks and you will be self-sufficient when it comes to power issues. These ideas are effective.

Author: Jamesmwaka

Recent Discoveries

Recent Discoveries Over The Past Five Years

Everyday, new discoveries are popping up around us. From the vast astronomical world to our very own bodies, we are learning more about ourselves and our surroundings. The more we discover the more we realize how mysterious this world is. Let us take a journey together and see some of the 3, most astonishing, recent discoveries made over the past 5 years.

You can now taste smells.

The sense of smell and taste , as you know, are very closely related. That is why you can't clearly differentiate various food flavours when you have a flu. You need the sense of smell to appreciate complex flavours like ginger and raspberry.

A recent discovery was made in Philadelphia, one that can revolutionize our experience of the sense of smell. Monel Chemical Senses Centre(M.C.S.C.) carried out a research and they were able to establish that it is possible for us to taste smells. They primarily carried out experiments on rodents.

When their results were positive, they started to work on humans. The results were quite similar as the test subjects were able to sense strong aromatic substances with their tongue. This discovery hasn't been well established yet but it is fast becoming popular among food nutritionists and organic chemistry specialists. Just as Dr. Ozdener, a chief researcher at M.C.S.C. , they believe that it might help us to check on our diet improving our health and lifestyle.

Fanged frogs

The World Wildlife Federation first made this astonishing discovery in New Guinea. Later, they discovered more of this unique amphibian species in Indonesia. These types of frogs are 1.5 inches long (from the snout to the back) what makes them outstanding is the fact that they have 'fangs' on they are lower jaw.

However, it was discovered later in the year that these aren't actual teeth but are extensions of the lower jaw bone. The function of these structures are still a mystery. Even so, most herpetologists argue that they are adapted for catching prey. These frogs prey on birds and insects. Some researchers also suggest that these fangs are used for fighting over their mates.

The flaw with this theory is that these protrusions are found in both male and female species. Currently, we might not know much about this mysterious amphibian but it goes without saying that it is one of nature's wonders.

Who built the pyramids of Giza?

The great pyramids of Giza are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In fact, most archaeologists claim that pyramids were the largest man-built structure of their time. For so long, researchers have dug deep into the pages of history to know who actually built this great structures.

There has been a great controversy among historians over the original builders of the pyramids of Giza. Some claim that they were built by foreign slaves while others say that they are a work of the inhabitants of ancient Egypt.

Early this year, 3 tombs were discovered near the second largest pyramid. These tombs belong to elite members of the fifth Dynasty of Egypt and they date back to almost 5000 years ago. This discovery might be a game changer in the dispute over the builders. The Egyptian architecture and design of the tombs suggest that Egyptians were the original builders of the tombs.

There are plenty of other recent discoveries being made by the day. I might want us to look at some of them but I will be lost of words. With the annual doubling of the human bank of knowledge, we might be able to make more discoveries; discoveries that would change the face of science and technology completely.

Author: Brilliantleo

Why Is Everyone Brewing Mushrooms?

Mushroom Coffee - Why Add Mushrooms To Your Coffee?

Mushroom coffee is the normal black coffee mixed with medicinal mushrooms, for health benefits. Even though fungus has been used in medicine for decades now, coffee drinkers discovered its health benefits just recently.

Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries to increase brain function, improve metabolism, boost energy production and increase the immune system. The health benefits of this type of coffee differ depending on the kind of mushroom fungi present in the mushroom powder. For instance, maitake flavored coffee is known to regulate blood sugar levels. Also, it contains adaptogen, which helps the body to fight any kind of mental or physical difficulty. On the other hand, coffee mixed with, Chaga powder is known to counteract the natural acid in coffee that normally can lead to upset stomach.

Enhanced Digestive Health

Coffee mixed with powdered Lion's Mane mushroom help in digestive health by fighting inflammation, which is helpful for people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The prebiotics and polysaccharides found in the fungi facilitate the growth and development of good bacteria in the gut. Another added benefit of mushrooms is that it helps to boost the immune system of the body.

Recent studies show that Lion's Mane mushrooms boost antibacterial activity that improves digestion and may protect against stomach ulcers by neutralizing excess acid present in the stomach.

Cancer Treatments

Chaga mushroom coffee has a history of being associated with peasant remedies and normally serve as a second-class coffee substitute. But its health benefits outweigh "the class factor" giving people more reasons to go for it irrespective of their class.

Powdered Chaga induces apoptosis in our bodies, which specifically targets and fight tumor cells, without having any known negative effect on normal cells. This means that it can be taken by cancer patients to supplement cancer treatments and may have a cancer-preventing effect. Additionally, Chaga has antiviral properties, to help white blood cells fight illness-causing micro-organisms.

Brain Health

Lion's Mane mushroom coffee is good for general brain health. It prevents dementia, boosts brain memory and helps to curb depression and anxiety. They contain a special type of proteins which are responsible for the maintenance, and repair of cells in the nervous system. Keep in mind that Mushroom coffee with Chaga is alkaline in nature which helps improve energy production and boost metabolism in the body.

Fights' Flu

Chaga mushroom coffee contains betulinic acid, which is commonly known for its ability to fight common cold and flu. Again, it has melanin which promotes the growth of healthy shiny skin.

It goes without saying to keep in mind that mushroom coffee is good for those who want to lose weight and keep fit also, as it is known to contain no cholesterol or unhealthy fats. Mushrooms contain important vitamins and minerals like selenium and copper. They also have calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

A couple facts to be informed  about mushroom coffee is that while mushroom coffee has great health benefits, it's not a good idea to try and recreate the coffee by yourself at home due to various reasons that could be a whole other topic. It’s also good to know that Chaga has a blood-thinning effect, therefore they shouldn't be taken before undergoing any surgery.


Author: Alexusm

Are Blue Strawberries Real?

True Or False - Blue Strawberries

There are a lot of photo's and people selling blue strawberry seedlings online.

The claim is you can grow strawberries from certain seedlings being sold online, but is this true?

There are articles claiming these strawberries were genetically made from an artificial transfer of genes from a fish species called the Artic flounder fish.  Um what huh!

What do you think? True or False

False - These do not exist!

You can see from a simple search online many before and after shots of photo's reveal these are in fact manipulated to make the strawberries blue.

After careful research, we in fact find out it's false.

Exposed! Don't fall for everything you see.

For the curious minds: Grow your own sample of blue strawberry seeds and let us know your comments If you find a batch that actually works:


Author: Pictabay

Enjoy your video tutorial